Artist: Emidio Vasquez Photo: Sal Rojas

Ernesto Guevara was born in 1928 and lived in Alta Gracia in Argentina. At an early age he started to read the works of Marx, Engels, and Freud. After a series of political crisis in Argentina which lead to a 'Left Fascist' dictatorship of Juan Peron. This event lead Ernesto to develop a hatred of military politicians, capitalist society, and especially for the United States and their imperialism. At that time he did not take part in the revolutionary student movement. He went to Guatemala, making a living writing about Maya and Inca ruins. In Guatemala he saw the CIA as the instigators of counterrevolution, this confirmed his belief that revolution could only happen by armed insurrection. He then went to Mexico City in 1954, there he met Fidel and Raul Castro. Guevara saw in Fidel Castro the leader he was looking for.

After joining Fidel Castro, Ernesto Guevara transformed to Che which is Argentine for "buddy." They then prepared to go to war against Fulgencio Batista. Che was the most aggressive and successful of Fidel's guerrilla officers. Che was well disciplined and was willing to die for the cause. After the success of their Revolution, Che became second only to Castro in the new government of Cuba. Che was the man responsible for influencing Castro towards communism.

After the Revolution, Che tried to be an exemplary minister and was appointed President of the National Bank of Cuba. Che always felt his calling was revolutions. His first two attempts, in Argentina and the Congo, were anything but successful. Che had to advise Castro to withdraw Cuban aid. In 1966 Che set out for Bolivia. He thought he could spread unrest from there. His allies were weak and divided. Che was reported to have been captured and executed by CIA-trained unit of the Bolivian government on Oct. 9,1967.

The last chapter of Che's life has finally been written. Nearly 30 years after his assassination his bones have been found. A team of Cuban and Argentine scientist found his bones in the remote town of Vallegrande in the Bolivian mountains. His skeleton was missing both hands. After his execution, Che's hand were cut off and preserved for evidence that Che was really dead. Che's legend will always live.

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