Frankie J - The One

Frankie J, born Francisco Javier Bautista in Tijuana, Mexico, is back again with the much anticipated new album, The One. In his sophomore effort, Frankie J delivers a strong follow up to his solo debut, 2003's What’s a Man to Do? With a strong buzz surrounding the lead single, “Obsession (No Es Amor)” featuring rapper Baby Bash, The One is already slated to be a huge hit among R&B and pop fans alike. The Latin flavored single has steadily been climbing the Billboard charts and has consistent air play on radio stations across the country as well as a video in heavy rotation on MTV and other music video outlets.

Following in the footsteps of the immensely popular “Suga Suga,” we find Frankie J, Baby Bash, and Happy Perez collaborating again on “Obsession (No Es Amor),” a remake of the hit by the bachata group Aventura. This version has a more urban sound that works well for an English-speaking audience. Happy Perez also provides the delicate back drop for “Story of my Life,” where we find Frankie J lamenting on the hardships one may suffer in life.

Aside from Happy Perez, we find Frankie J collaborating with a number of first-rate producers on The One. On the title track featuring 3LW, hit-maker Irv Gotti of famed The Inc. comes through with a head-bopping melody that captures the impressive vocal talents of both Frankie J and 3LW.

Bryan-Michael Cox who has worked with Usher, Mariah Carey, and Toni Braxton, among others delivers three amazing tracks on the album, including the introspective “How To Deal” where Frankie J sings about sacrificing the love of his life for a music career. The legendary Mario Winans also blesses Frankie J with an extraordinary track on “You Can’t Say It’s Love.” Apart from Frankie’s obvious vocal talents, the album also showcases the artist’s budding writing abilities. This is evident on soulful tracks like “Without You,” “#1 Fan,” “In The Moment,” and “Gone.”

Frankie J is no stranger to the music industry as proven by his lengthy track record as an early teen freestyle artist and his four years with the enormously successful Mexican-American group, the Kumbia Kings. This experience has taught Frankie J how to emerge as one of the hottest, new R&B artists and undoubtedly will help him maintain a lengthy and successful musical career. The One will indeed be the one album that catapults Frankie J into the ranks of other great R&B/Pop artists and with his Latino background and cross-over capability, launch him into international stardom.

Written by:Gerardo Garcia III

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