Musica Urbana - La Mejor De Hip Hop En Espanol CD/DVD

For more than two decades the Hip-Hop culture has become a cultural expression that has served as a potent vehicle to illustrate musically the good and bad times of urban life. Through the last couple of years the urban genre has evolved and renovated itself by encompassing a wider musical influence spawning countless sub-genres that have gained critical acclaim and international recognition.

This paradigm shift has resulted in a diverse musically experience creating new and exciting hip-hop sub-genres such as: Spanish Hip-Hop / Hip-Hop en Espanol, Reggeaton, Latin Hip-Hop, and the West Coast flavor of Urban Regional, all of which are rooted in the hip-hop culture of beats and rhymes.

Fonovisa Records has just released a new compilation that encompassed this spirit of diverse Urban Latin music titled "Musica Urbana: Lo Mejor De Hip Hop en Espanol" (The Best of Spanish Hip Hop); a high energy "Mixed CD" that features 20 mixed tracks, including several newly "remixed" tracks and music videos.

Bringing the latest generation of Latino artists from the East and West Coast including the island of Puerto Rico with it unique sound of Reggeaton, this collection presents the best of Urban Latin movement; Akwid, Jae-P, Crooked Stilo, Mexiclan, DJ Eric and Tego Calderon, Gerardo, Los 3 Mosqueteros, Noelia & Yamil, David Rolas, Mister Azteka, Flakiss, Locura Termainal and Kalimen.

The "DVD Edicion Especial" (The DVD Special Edition) includes a music video "remix" featuring videos: Noelia's "Melao," Los 3 Mosqueteros' "Mujeres Bellas," Akwid's "Jamas Imagine" and Crooked Stilo's "Ya Lo Saben."

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