Aztlan Nation Anthology - 1992-2004

Born on the West Berkeley flats of the East Bay Area, the Aztlan Nation crew came into being in 1992 as a pioneering group of Chicano hip-hop artists, with a mission to spread their message of Chicano nationalism and Brown Pride. This was a period when hip hop or "rap music" was still in its classic period, with contemporaries such as Public Enemy, X-Clan, and N.W.A. were setting the political tone for the art form. Black nationalism, African pride and a "fuck the police" attitude were at its peak, and Aztlan Nation followed suit with their unique style to become one of the first Chicano raps groups to emerge into the scene. Remember, these were days long before J-Lo and Ricky Martin, and their message was not accepted by all who listened, but it resonated loudly with the growing youth of the innercity, especially Chicano/Latino youth who were beginning to create what is now the mainstream culture of hip-hop. Aztlan Nation's first product was a four song home-made tape they sold at local shows and record shops, and their first album "Beaner Go Home" was released during the height of a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment. The album was distributed widely across the USA, particularly in the southwest (Aztlan) and was welcomed for its anti-establishment, in-your-face lyrics on tracks such as "Born to Play the Bad Guy", and "Dead Gringo Malt Liquor". After months of touring with the likes of Cypress Hill, Tupac, Arrested Development and appearing on various television venues (FOX, NBC and Univision), the band returned to the studio to pump out a second album. Changing political times, divergent interests and family interests prevented the completion of the second album, but not before a few significant and similarly flavored tracks were recorded. At the same time, a biographical video was being put together by one of the band members to document this time when hip-hop and Chicanismo merged together. Luckily, the Aztlan Nation Anthology is now available as a collection of the entire body of work of the group, and includes their very first track, the entire "Beaner Go Home" EP, and their last recordings. A five minute video, webpage and mp3's are included as bonus material. Likely this will be the last commercial release for the group, but it is the first of its kind, a rare and complete collection of the body of work from one of hip hop's pioneering Chicano rap groups.

CD Contains::

The orginal Beaner Go Home four bonus tracks featuring original band members, including the controversial "187 On the Governor". Also includes enhanced CD content such as a five minute video documentary, making the band Xicano Style, plus the super old shit nobody knows about as mp3's.

1.Born to Play the Bad Guy
2.Serpent & Eagle
3.Dead Gringo Malt liquor
4.Home of the Brave
6.Til the Border Crumbles
7.Occupied Aztlan
8.Funk in 'Da Trunk
9. 187 on the Governor (Good Day to Die)
10.Nation of Kings

Web Page
Quicktime Video (5min.)
11.Aztlan Nation (mp3)
12.Witness the Creation (mp3)
13.Hustler of Culture (mp3)
14.Beans & Rice (mp3)

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