Kemo The Blaxican - Simple Plan

So I was talking to big Ron Dada (pronounced rahn-dah-dah) about the new Dead Silence Records album I've been bangin'. Ron Dada being in the music business, and all, was taken a back by the fact that the Blaxican sigue saliendo con pinche canciones mas chingones. Varios estylos que refleja la idioma de nuestra region. "Mommy el negro esta ravioso, qiere pelar con migo, ya mandale a su papa." The beats are definitely sick and the attitude is pure Southern Califas.

Now, Ron Dizzo's is a member of a big time DJ network (been in it for a while, too). Thing is, he's convinced that rap is a predominately black thing. So I tell him, "look brother, it's not like that with hip-hop. The drums are universal so there's no colorlines. Besides, the best Spanish rapper in the city happens to be Kemo the Blaxicano. And he comes with real Spanish, too - not that fake shit you hear on the radio. Check this out: 'Es que somos trece. Los que viven en la mente, y cada veinte-quatro encuentro nuevo scenarios. Algunos somos sanos, y varios somos locos. No es facile distinguirnos por la calma en los ojos.' Does he tell it like it fuckin is, or what, man"?

"I don't understand a lick of Spanish, but I remember Delinquent Habits rockin' hella shows, lots of them. Paid more dues than the union; So I'm definitely gonna have to check out what homedude's doin'."

"Yeah, take it to your world-on-wheels meeting and tell them that when I play the CD at home (titled SIMPLE PLAN by the way) my sons pound their little aztec drums and dance to the music. Over an hour of goodness. Even my wife, being from Oaxaca, Mexico herself, enjoys seeing the boys captured in the rhythm and the positive energy it activates. Pa que sepan, Mi Cielo: que en las montanas de Los Angeles... hacemos ruido.

scribeOne, an'I'mout 

01 . No Es Complicado 00:23
02 . La Receta 03:42
03 . Una Copa Mas 04:12
04 . Simple Plan 04:43
(ft. Jehuniko, Mostro & Monica Cuello Ortiz)
05 . Leccsion 13 00:07
06 . Somos Trese 04:14
07 . Bad Money 00:41
08 . Kind Of Stories 02:45
09 . Ruido 04:15 (ft. Sicko)
10 . I Drink She Smokes 03:09
11 . Note The Crowd 03:25
12 . Silence Is Dead 02:43
13 . A Thousand Prayers 00:43
14 . Reflejo 02:44
15 . What About Nails? 00:39
16 . Johnny 03:35 (ft. Grisel Ramirez)
17 . Veterans 00:31
18 . Quiero Volar 04:23
19 . La Flor 04:45 (Ft. Monica Cuello Ortiz)
20 . Last Days 03:27
21 . Still The One 00:10
22 . Underground Muscle 04:18 (ft. Jehuniko,Monomaniac,Mostro & Sicko)
23 . Nobody Likes 03:54 (ft. Monica Cuello Ortiz)
24 . Garbagecan Records 00:42

Kind of Stories LP Vinyl 12" Includes new songs

This vinyl of KIND OF STORIES is a 5 song 12" that also includes the joints NOBODY LIKES , I DRINK SHE SMOKES, & the previously unreleased NO QUE NO & EL NEGOCIO (FEATURING SICK JACKEN)

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